Solar Pool Heating

Why is Heliocol the world leader in solar pool heating?

Our warranty is simply the best in the industry. No other collector offers this kind of protection and peace of mind.

Attractive appearance with no gaps between collectors, no hoses or hose clamps and no visible mounting hardware.

Heliocol's exclusive individual "over-molded" tube design eliminates all welds, easily allows the panel to expand and contract, virtually eliminates wind load and premature roof deterioration and is the most technically advanced solar pool heating panel on the market today.

Six collector sizes provide flexibility to fit most roofs.

Homeowner association-friendly.

Heliocol panels are very reliable and completely resistant to pool chemicals, scaling, extreme temperature and corrosion.

Continuously in production since 1977 by the world's largest solar pool heating manufacturer.

What is Heliocol made of and why does it matter?

Heliocol is manufactured with medical-grade plastic material that has been rigorously tested by leading national and international organizations. In fact, Heliocol is one of the few solar pool heating manufacturers to be certified NSF-50 by the National Sanitation Foundation for health, safety and reliability. Furthermore, the raw materials used in Heliocol's manufacture are additionally certified as NSF-60 by the same organization.


What does this mean for you, your family and your pool?  A safe, clean swimming environment and ultimate peace of mind. Not only will Heliocol panels continue to perform safely and efficiently year after year, unaffected by heat, salt and pool chemicals, but you never have to worry about ugly "black pool disease." Unlike solar pool heating manufacturers who use EPDM synthetic rubber, Heliocol's pure and tested plastic material will never degrade. Panels made from EPDM, on the other hand, will break down and leach dirty, black pollutants into your pool.

Heliocol uses high-quality, medical-grade plastic material in the manufacture of its solar pool heating panels.

Never worry about dreaded "black pool disease" with Heliocol Solar Pool Heating. Our high-quality panels are made with  top-quality materials...never EPDM synthetic rubber.

The Heliocol Difference - Dare to Compare

One-Piece Unibody Construction

Compare the benefits of Heliocol Solar Pool Heating Systems

The overmolded header is formed over each individual tube and fused together during construction, producing the strongest possible connection. Overmolding eliminates cracks and welds for a longer lasting, maintenance-free system.

Individual Tubes

Open design resists lift and stays put even in high winds. Protects roof from rain rot by allowing rapid moisture evaporation. Round tubes capture more heat.

Mounting Sleds

Sleds maintain alignment of individual riser tubes. Prevent abrasion to panel and roof when expanding and contracting.

Gator Clamps

Strapless mounting. Allows for expansion and contraction. Fewer roof penetrations.

Panel Clamps

Patented panel clamps eliminate rubber hoses and metal clamps that require regular rooftop maintenance and replacement, eliminating hassles and saving time and money. Clamps also allow panels to be mounted closer together for a more efficient and more attractive system.

Easy to Install

The panel format allows for quick and easy installation. It can be removed for relocation, or to carry out roof repairs.

Open Flow Design

Each and every individual tube opens into the header, increasing flow and virtually eliminating backpressure. Saves wear and tear on pool pumps.

Company Stability

Manufactured by the same company in the same factory for more than 40 years. Heliocol is the world’s largest manufacturer of solar pool heating collectors.

UV Stabilized Polypropylene

Surgical grade plastic that stands up to long sun exposure. The product is not affected by any water, salt or chemicals that may pass through it and is NSF certified for safety.

Industry-Leading Warranty

Heliocol's factory-backed, 12-year warranty includes panels, labor and factory-made parts

How is My Heliocol Solar Pool Heating System Installed?


An experienced Heliocol technician will install your new solar pool heating system. Heliocol systems are typically installed on the roof, but there are many other options including installation on patio roofs, pool fences or even on ground racks.


Heliocol's patented mounting system eliminates the need for unsightly straps and limits the number of penetrations into your roof, making it secure and attractive. In addition, a unique clamping mechanism allows the panels to be installed closer together, generating more energy from every square foot of your available roof space.


Solar Pool Heating Maintenance and Warranty


Heliocol solar pool heating systems incorporate advanced engineering characteristics into their design, making them a truly maintenance-free solution.


Each panel is overmolded into one seamless unit to eliminate cracks, welds and leaks, while Heliocol's advanced mounting system eliminates the need for straps, even in hurricane-force winds! Strapless mounting means less penetrations into your roof!


The patented panel clamps replace old-style metal clamps and rubber hose connections that require regular replacement and service. Unlike other solar pool heating systems, Heliocol requires little or no rooftop maintenance.


Added to these design characteristics, Heliocol offers the best warranty in the business; a comprehensive 12-year warranty covering panels, parts AND labor for a full 12 years.


What Can I Expect from my Heliocol Solar Pool Heating System?


  • Extend Your Swimming Season - Double your swim season in any climate with Heliocol solar pool heating.
  • Little or No Maintenance - Heliocol's proven, durable construction doesn't require the maintenance associated with other types of pool heaters.
  • Increased Property Value - In many communities, homes outfitted with solar energy systems sell faster and for more money than homes with conventional systems.
  • Protect Your Budget - While natural gas and electricity costs continue to rise, solar energy is free now and free in the future.


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