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Sunsplash Salt Systems

Sunsplash Salt Systems

The Sunsplash PSC-5 is an automatic Natural Chlorine Generator for pool and/or spa sanitation. It is the workhorse of the chlorine generators. The system uses a very low concentration of salt, less than the concentration in a human teardrop, and converts it into chlorine that kills algae and bacteria in your pool. After killing the algae and bacteria, the chlorine reverts back to sodium chloride. This process of purification continues, making the need to add extra sanitizing chemicals to your pool virtually unnecessary.

How it Works


From a small amount of ordinary table salt, the Sunplash system achieves all of your pool's purification needs. The Sunsplash system converts the salt into a pure form of chlorine that sanitizes your water and then automatically converts back into salt, prepared for the next cycle of sanitation. Purification with an natural chlorine generator is so effective that hundreds of thousands of generators are operating in the United States alone.


Natural, Soft and Clear


The Sunsplash PSC-5 Chlorine controller maintains the pool water at a constant healthy level without drastic fluctuations in the chemical levels and eliminates the negative side effects associated with traditional chlorine. No more bad odors. No more red eyes. No more dry skin


Powerful Features


Salinity reading display

Totally sealed and splash proof

Pool cover recognition (optional)

Quick connects to cell and accessories

Gripping fins enable easy assembly and dismantling. NO TOOLS required.

Reinforced ribs provide extra strength. Cell can withstand pressure of up to 7 bars (100 psi)

Unique arrangement of blades eliminates the need for high voltage currents that can be harmful to the long-term performance of the cell

The robust cell is made of transparent material for periodic lime scale and corrosion testing without any need to dismantle the unit

Automatic identification of feeding voltage 120/240V

Full flexibility in timing of turbo activation and polarity switching intervals

High and low salinity level warning alerts

Simple, intuitive, user-friendly operation

Sunsplash Salt Systems

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